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Espanol básico, 2 cu
IYY31086 (course)

Learning Objectives

To improve your ability to communicate in the most common everyday life situations


Places and how to find them. What you like and dislike. What are you doing now? Appointments. Weekdays. At the restaurant. Everyday activities. What I am used to. Communication by phone. Describing people’s character and how they look like. What you have done during your holidays. Talk about travels you made. Variety of text about the Spanish speaking culture

Study Methods

Spanish language and how it is used is presented by dialogs, texts and oral and written exercises, listening and reading comprehension, and groups and couples tasks

Learning Material

  • Mucho gusto 1, teksti ja harjoutuskirjia.Irmeli Varmavuori Kerstin Lagercrantz, Bärbell Vall
  • Kustannusosakeyhtiö Otava, Helsingissä
  • Diccionary Finnish/Spanish.
  • Extra material (given by the teacher)

Assessment of Learning

Permanent appreciation of the student’s work in the classroom and attendance at class. Written exams (2) y 4 written home works


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