Prospective Degree Students

"Perfect education for me"

Heli Pakkanen studies tourism and is finishing her thesis about Finnish family celebrations and festival venues in Vaasa. Her daughter keeps her busy at the moment but Heli hopes to get back to work in the hotel world after maternity leave.

Your motives to choose Vamk? Vamk offered the degree programme from the exact field I was interested in. English as the used language in studies was the most important motive. Vaasa wasn’t a familiar city to me, but I haven’t regretted moving here.

Your experiences of practical training? I did my practical training at my current workplaces Hotel Astor and Hotel Vallonia Garden. Work is a great way to learn new things and to control situations. I feel you can strongly impact your future and you concretely see what the work is like during practical training. While choosing the training place you can decide in which parts of the profession you want to know better and have experience in.

Your opinion of the degree programme? The degree is respected in my opinion. A long practical training as a part of the studies increases the value of the degree. Our degree programme also has a lot of courses which include practical planning and realization in addition to theory. For example after studying theory of organizing a small occasion on Banquet Management -course we got a chance to put our learning into practise by organizing an occasion for a small group.

The best memories of the studies? The studying time in every respect has been pleasant though hectic. My exchange time in Thailand, Bangkok with my friends made my own studies at Vamk unique. The different culture, food, people, language and climate as well as many places we visited were all memorable experiences.  One sort of experience was also the cabdrivers who didn’t speak English almost at all and seemed to think that the client should give driving instructions to the destination!

Your plans for the future? My education at Vamk has fitted me perfectly and has met my needs and thoughts of what I had in the beginning of my studies. After some working years I might search more challenges from the university world. I think business studies would support my education in the field of tourism.