Prospective Degree Students

"Multiple skills guarantee success in the tourist and catering industry"

Riku Asukas is responsible for Osuuskauppa KPO's accommodation and catering sector, which employs about 170 professionals in a variety of working duties in the tourist industry.

The tourist and catering branch of Osuuskauppa KPO, a retail cooperative acting in Ostrobothnia, offers VAMK students both work placements and thesis subjects.

– Experiences have been positive, and our cooperation has achieved concrete measures as well, KPO's Divisional Director Riku Asukas says.

Asukas thinks that VAMK provides students with a sufficient starting point for working life.

– Much depends also on the attitude and openness of the student. Having multiple skills is nowadays an integral part of mastering the profession. You cannot view the world and working life too narrowly.

KPO appreciates open and positive employees, who are constantly interested and willing to learn new things. Asukas recommends that when planning their work placements, the students should aim at getting experience from a variety of working duties.

According to Asukas, the employment situation and future prospects of the field are not too bad. In certain areas there is a shortage of professionals, and competition for the leisure time of people is increasing continuously.

– The City of Vaasa and the Vaasa Region have been growing during the last five years really well. New services and innovations are needed in order to maintain that growth.

Asukas points out that as a tourist destination Vaasa and the nearby regions need to highlight various facets of their attraction. Also, cooperation of different actors in the commercial and industrial life is a prerequisite for success among the competition.

The entire KPO group employs over 1 700 people in different areas of the commercial field. Known operations include Prisma, S-Market, Sale and ABC service station shops, among others. The turnover of the KPO group is over 600 million euros.