Prospective Degree Students

"VAMK truly educates international professionals!"

Viktor Asplund moved to Vaasa from Larsmo to study international

Your motives to choose VAMK? Some people I know who studied at VAMK told me that it’s a good place to study and that International Business would be a great choice. I looked at the International Business curriculum on VAMK’s web pages and that was all needed to choose VAMK.

What happened during your first days at VAMK? I got to know my fellow students and VAMK’s premises quickly. I found my first apartment in Vaasa through an announcement in the local newspaper. It took me a week to find a suitable apartment.

Your experiences of practical training? I did my first practical training as a transport planner in a company called Ahola Transport in Kokkola. My second practical training position was at Wärtsilä, where I worked as an accountant. I think that practical training gives important experience about working life and is a good way to put into practice everything that one has learned during the studies.

Your opinion of your studies? I have enjoyed the international atmosphere. I have recommended VAMK to numerous friends who have been searching for a place to study.

What is best in Vaasa? The best thing about Vaasa is that the rents are reasonable. One can afford an apartment in the city centre without student loan. Vaasa is a big enough city. It has all the services one needs but it still has a nice idyllic atmosphere.

Your plans for the future? I’m planning to go to student exchange to Bremen, Germany for about five months. I chose Bremen because the University there offers several interesting courses that will support my possible postgraduate studies. It seems that Vaasa has several jobs to offer, if one knows where to look and has the right contacts. Luckily the practical training periods give good contacts. In the future I would like to have a job that I enjoy and where I would have nice co-workers and enough challenges.