Prospective Degree Students

“The Best Field for Me”

Jarno Reinikainen dreams about travelling and being in a decision making position in a firm.

Your motives to choose VAMK? I had heard good things from former students. I had visited Vaasa before moving here from Kokkola so I kind of knew what the city is gonna be like.

What happened during your first days at VAMK? We had a lot of tutoring: the tutors were great! Our class was great as well and it was so easy to get to know everyone. I had an open mind and everything has been flowing smoothly since.

Was it easy to find an apartment in Vaasa? I and my friend sent an advert to a local newspaper that we are looking for a flat. Someone contacted us and it was a great apartment, 500 meters from the school.

Your experiences of practical training? Practical training was a learning experience which I enjoyed a lot. I came across an ABB adverts in Facebook and applied. I got invited to an interview and apparently it went well because I got a job as a marketing trainee. The practical training supports my studies completely, and actually we just continued my job contract.

Your opinion of your studies? Marketing courses have been interesting. I´ve also had many funny moments with my classmates, for example Olutpialaiset - The Beerolympics was a fun event in the beginning of the studies.

What is best in Vaasa? I love living next to the sea, so that is a big plus. Vaasa is also visually a rather nice place. All the people and events are usually organized in the city center. So that’s the place to go if you want to see people.

Your plans for the future? I feel like this is the correct field for me. The IB-programme is versatile, so you can find a job from many different fields.