Prospective Degree Students

"Ready for the challenges of working life"

Maiju Schrey graduated in 2007. Nowadays she works as a service assistant in Vaasa at Vacon Plc, which is one of the leading suppliers of variable speed AC drives. Maiju handles service orders and communicates daily with customers all around the world. Besides her day work, she works as an aerobic instructor at a local gym.

Your motives to choose Vamk? The degree programme in International Business made me to move from Pori to Vaasa, as the possibility to study business and improve language skills at the same time seemed exciting and challenging. In addition Vamk provided excellent possibilities to complete a part of the studies abroad.

Your experiences of practical training? I had my practical training done in two periods. The first three months I completed in Augsburg, Germany in Euro Info Centre of the local chamber of commerce. My tasks included answering to customers’ inquiries about the EU commerce and attending an international e-forum. During that time my German language skills improved enormously! The second period I completed at Vacon, in the training team that time. Later on I got the opportunity to continue as a summer trainee and to write my final thesis for the company. I still work there, so I have absolutely no regrets I chose that way to begin my career with.

Your opinion of the degree programme? The degree programme offered a versatile overview to both international marketing and practices of foreign trade. I think there was a good combination of theory and practice in my studies and after completing exchange studies, practical training and the final thesis I really felt ready to meet the challenges of working life.

The best memories of the studies? Already during the first study year I made great friends, among those were many international exchange students: we even made a trip to Lapland together. Of course my time as an exchange student in Germany was something I will never forget as well as working as a tutor for new IB-students.

Your plans for the future? I’m really happy to have a job which corresponds to my education. The studies gave me a good basic knowledge about business that can now get deepened in working life. Perhaps some day I will continue my German studies at university or take part in a MBA programme.