Prospective Degree Students

“Making music, studying, working at own company…”

Sebastian Da Costa studies in the degree programme in International Business. Besides his studies he makes music and does gigs as well as works as an event manager at Unidream Viihde, which is specialised in event and artist management.

Your motives to choose VAMK? I wanted to do business studies, and when I realised that the programme was offered in my hometown Vaasa and in English, it was natural to choose VAMK.

Your experiences of practical training? I did my practical training in my own company Unidream. It is great that studying at VAMK is very practical and the students are able to carry out their interests as well as work at training places they really enjoy, and teachers are supportive of this!

Your opinion of the degree programme? When I meet new customers at work, they usually ask me whether I study or not. When I tell them that I am an international business student it always makes an impact. The best course at VAMK was Entrepreneurship, which really gave me a perspective and better understanding of what is it like to be an entrepreneur.

The best memories of the studies? I can’t say which one is the best but thanks to the student union VAMOK I have such splendid memories from my studying period! As an ex-member of VAMOK’s board I have met lots of new people as well as arranged and experienced great student events.

Your plans for the future? I hope to work in music industry in one way or another. Event managing and music, that would be my dream: Organizing big gigs and festivals, and performing in few too of course! After graduating from VAMK I might continue studying at Hanken and get a Master’s degree.