Prospective Degree Students

"Definitely fit for working life"

Jessica Ilvoranta graduated in 2008. She spent her 3rd year as an exchange student in San Diego State University. After having completed her studies there she got a job at UM Imports Inc. in Los Angeles where she worked at the production department and was responsible for monitoring of the execution of the projects. Jessica is currently enrolled in the Master’s Programme of International Business at the University of Vaasa.

Your motives to choose Vamk? After having lived and worked abroad for several years I decided that it was time for me to educate myself. The degree programme had to be connected to trade in an international context, so International Business seemed like the perfect choice for me. The fact that the programme was offered in English and in my hometown was an extra benefit.

Your experiences of practical training? I conducted my practical training at Wärtsilä Gulf FZE in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates as Executive Assistant. This tenure taught me an enormous amount and gave me a valuable insight into the business world as well as it helped me to get my foot into the company. When I returned from the Middle East I was offered a summer job as project coordinator at Wärtsilä Finland Oy in Vaasa which I gladly accepted.

Your opinion of the degree programme? The degree programme offers a very broad perspective of the business world. By holding a Bachelor’s Degree you are definitely fit for entering the work life. In my opinion the Bachelor’s Degree offers the basic understanding of business life and provides the tools with which to succeed at a chosen job within the field.

The best memories of the studies? What I found most interesting from my studying period at Vamk was the diversity of my classmates. Being in a class with, sometimes, up to nine different nationalities definitely widens your perspective and teaches you to be more diplomatic, flexible, open minded and most importantly, tolerant.

Your plans for the future? I have made the right decision by studying International Business as this is the field in which I want to pursue my future career. Next I will conduct a study on Born Globals growth stages, critical decision points and government in Sweden as one of the researchers taking part in a joint Tekes project.