Prospective Degree Students

"The SME-sector values the work attitude of BBAs"

Tuula Töyli is the managing director of Vaasan Yrittäjät ry.

Vaasan Yrittäjät ry, an entrepreneurs' association, and VAMK have collaborated closely for many years already. For example, the association has offered VAMK students work placements and thesis subjects. Managing Director Tuula Töyli is satisfied with her partner in cooperation.

– I have only positive experiences of cooperation with VAMK.

From the point of view of recruitment in small and medium-sized enterprises, Töyli thinks that in addition to strong basic skills also attitude is an important criterion.

– You can foresee success for trainees and graduates, who are sociable and considerate, have organisational skills and bravely take on any work.

When recruiting, Töyli regards highly students who know office programs and understand web publishing.

– VAMK students have good basic skills. Naturally, every workplace has its own peculiarities, which are learnt only by doing.

Vaasa region is one of the most enterprise-dominated areas of Finland. According to Töyli, development and growth in entrepreneurship appear to remain positive.

– The operations of the entrepreneurs' association live and develop with entrepreneurs according to the needs of the times. The history of the over 70-year-old association bears witness to this.

The association, which has almost a thousand members, brings together entrepreneurs from different fields regardless of business size. Membership benefits include free consultation services, training, activities supporting entrepreneurs' welfare and recreational events. The voice of an individual entrepreneur is heard in both bigger and smaller issues as the association provides a channel to regional and national decision-makers.