Prospective Degree Students

"Engineers are very much appreciated in Finland"

Luis Alvarez Iglesias began his studies in the degree programme in Information Technology in 2011.
He moved to Vaasa from Spain and wanted to find a study place where he can both study and work at
the same time.

Your motives to choose VAMK? When I moved to Finland my goal was to study for a better future. I needed a university that offers degrees taught in English and so I did not have many options. VAMK not only offers the possibility to study in English, it is also working-life orientated and I considered that very important. VAMK students are ready to start a professional career without the embarrassing experience of making rookie errors due to ignorance. In VAMK, I think everything has a meaning.

Your experiences of practical training? As a first year student I still haven’t done my practical training but my friends tell me that practical training is a very important step where they have learnt to apply their knowledge. I have also heard that many people get permanently employed into their practical training place. I’m very much looking forward to my practical training period.

Your opinion of the degree programme? It is fantastic how most of the teachers get really involved in our development. The lectures are often given in such small groups that the students can participate actively.

What is best in Vaasa? Vaasa is a friendly and cosmopolitan place, something that I really like in a city. But the best thing about Vaasa is that when the spring comes it gets green everywhere. I really love the summer in here. Taking walks in the forest, long bike rides or spending time with friends sitting on a terrace where it gets warm but not too hot.

The best memories of the studies? My studies at VAMK have been like a second chance into having a promising working life. Besides this, my class-mates, my new friends from many different countries are something that I enjoy every day.

Your plans for the future? Continue my studies at VAMK. My goal in studies is related to automotive industry. The growing implementation of embedded systems that can still be improved in many ways makes this an attractive field for me. A dream of mine would be my own company as a partner of one of the automotive clusters around the world. I would like to improve the interactivity of a car with the users in a safe way.