Prospective Degree Students

"Choosing VAMK was a great investment"

Franco Cavressi moved to Vaasa from Trieste, Italy. He decided to study Information Technology at VAMK. Franco graduated happily in 2013.

Your motives to choose VAMK? After working for a few years I wanted to continue my education. As I was working at Wärtsilä next to many engineers, I thought why not become one of them myself. After I found out that VAMK offers information technology education in English, I decided to apply.

Your first days at VAMK? As I began my studies I was concerned about studying in a language other than my mother tongue, but these concerns disappeared quickly. The truly multicultural environment with students coming from all over the world created an interesting mixture of spoken English. During the first days at VAMK it was easy to team up with the other students. We all had the same questions in mind and our different cultural backgrounds were an interesting topic rather than an obstacle to friendship. I had a cosy apartment that was located only a ten-minute bike-ride away from VAMK. I have many good memories from the time I spent in that apartment.

What is best in Vaasa? Vaasa has lots of beautiful seaside walks and waterfront areas that I enjoy. I have
found countless paths for bicycling and walking in the nature, and I think this is one of the greatest assets
of this city, especially in the summer. I also like Vaasa because it is a small town but at the same time it has
everything that one needs, and more.

Your plans for the future? Looking at the IT industry trends, and especially how telecommunications
are becoming more and more dominant aspect in people’s lives, I think that my skills and my degree will
be pretty valuable. In the long term, I would first like to gain experience and knowledge in some specific
sector of technology and then use this knowledge to lead a small team of innovators in a hi-tech R&D department.