Prospective Degree Students

Vaasa region has great demand for engineers

Keimo Kalliosaari is the Vice President, Product Group Manager IEC LV Motors of the ABB Group

ABB offers VAMK students several work practice possibilities and thesis subjects every year. In year 2012 ABB employed over 1000 summer interns in Finland. Keimo Kalliosaari, (ABB Vice President, Product Group Manager IEC LV Motors) thinks that the cooperation with VAMK has been productive.

– Theses done for us have dealt with real problems and development targets and have given the company great benefit, says Keimo Kalliosaari who has advanced far in his career and who himself is a VAMK graduate.

Kalliosaari appreciates VAMK’s education that is based on the needs of working life. The students gain a good theory base from studies and work practice periods that belong to studies prepare them for working life and give the employers proof about the student´s know-how.

In a global company international experience, language skills and the ability to work with people from different cultures are greatly appreciated. A finished degree and work experience gained during studies are also important.

– When working in ABB, the required know-how is defined by one’s job but it is always a combination of theory, practise and cooperation tells Kalliosaari.

Vaasa has good conditions for growth and development for global business like ABB. At the moment the employment situation is good and there has also been shortage of experts of certain fields.

– Good trafic connections, functional logistics, wide subcontracting networks and locally provided education enable continuing business in the Vaasa region, says Kalliosaari.

Keimo Kalliosaari is the Vice President, Product Group Manager IEC LV Motors of the ABB Group. ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies. ABB’s products, systems and services improve the competitiveness of industry and energy company customers in environmentally friendly way. ABB has 145 000 employers in approximately 100 countries.