Prospective Degree Students

What documents do I need to send to admission services after applying?

The required documents must arrive to Admission Services by the specified deadline, 7 February 2018 3p.m. This concerns applicants who:

  • Are applying with completed foreign qualification
  • Are applying with IB, EB or RP Diploma (* those graduating during the application period should submit a predicted grades or equivalent by 13 April 2018).
  • Are applying with Finnish matriculation examination certificate completed  prior to 1990.

Both applicants with Finnish and foreign qualification who are completing their qualifications during the application period need not submit a copy of their degree certificate until 10 July 2018 at 3p.m.

Original diplomas and original official translations will be checked at the beginning of studies from all admitted applicants.

See the admission criteria for more information on required documents and deadlines.