Prospective Degree Students

Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria for the spring 2017

Eligibility for Bachelor’s degree programmes

Provisions on eligibility for universities of applied sciences are contained in the Polytechnics Act (932/2014).
You can apply to a Bachelor’s degree programme if you have completed:

  • the Finnish general upper secondary school syllabus and/or the matriculation examination;
  • an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma;
  • a European Baccalaureate (EB) Diploma;
  • a German Reifeprüfung (RP) Diploma;
  • a Finnish vocational upper secondary qualification with a scope of 120 credit units or 180 credit points, or a comparable previous Finnish vocational qualification with a minimum scope of 80 credit units;
  • a Finnish post-secondary or higher vocational level diploma;
  • a Finnish vocational upper secondary qualification or a further or specialist vocational qualification as a competence-based qualification, or a comparable previous qualification; or
  • foreign qualification that provides eligibility for comparable higher education studies in the country in question.

Selection Method 1: Entrance Examination;

  • International Business (0-40 points, all exam parts must be passed for acceptance)
  • Information Technology (0-40 points, all exam parts must be passed for acceptance)

Eligibility for Master’s degree programmes at universities of applied sciences

Eligibility to apply to a UAS Master’s degree programme is conferred by an appropriate UAS Bachelor’s degree or another appropriate higher education degree and at least three years of subsequent work experience in a relevant field. A relevant field is considered to include both the field being applied to and the field of the previous higher education degree.

Work experience requirements (Master Degree Programmes only)

In order to be eligible, applicants must have three years of work experience accumulated as from the date of award of the final degree certificate and obtained no later than 31 July 2017 for the spring application period and no later than 31 December 2017 for the autumn application period.

Universities of applied sciences also accept work experience obtained after completion of a post-secondary or higher vocational level diploma in Finland (in any field of education) but prior to taking the higher education degree. In such cases, too, at least three years of work experience obtained in a relevant field is required.
Entrepreneurship will be accepted as work experience if an applicant can produce a certificate attesting that he or she is or has been covered under the statutory YEL or MYEL pension scheme (YEL = statutory pension scheme for entrepreneurs; MYEL = statutory pension scheme for farmers, forest estate owners, fishers and reindeer herders and their family members). Enterprising activities abroad should be substantiated with comparable official documents.

Selection Method 1: Entrance Examination;

  • Project Management (0-100 points). Applicant must get at least 20 points from the exam. Applicants language skills are measured in the entrance examination.

    Grade of the thesis, previous school performance and field specific work experience can be taken into consideration in the entrance examination.

Required Documents

If an applicant who is applying with a non-Finnish qualification is a citizen of an EU/EEA-country, he/she can apply if the qualification is completed during the spring of applying. The admission of such EU/EEA –applicant completing his/her education in the spring of applying is conditional until the polytechnic/UAS has checked the applicant’s final certificates.

UAS only accept final certificates awarded by national or regional bodies granting educational certificates. Therefore various other documents such as testimonials, statement of results, examination results or result slips are not considered as official certificates.

After submitting the application, all applicants must send copies of relevant certificates (final school leaving certificate) to the Admissions Services by 8 February 2017 at 3.00 pm.

If an applicant is a refugee or in a refugee-like situation (subsidiary protection) and is unable to submit documentary evidence of his or her degree, a university of applied sciences may invite the applicant to sit an entrance examination or take any advance assignment submitted by the specified deadline into account. The applicant must have an official decision attesting to his or her refugee status (a decision on asylum or a residence permit granted on the basis of a need for protection). The applicant must submit a copy of such decision to the admissions office of each university of applied sciences to which he or she is applying by the deadline

Asylum seeker who is yet to receive decision on his/her refugee status can present photo identity card provided by the Finnish Immigration Service at the entrance examination venue. In addition certificate of processing (vireilläolotodistus) should be provided if requested by the UAS. Certificate is issued by the Finnish Immigration Service and costs 20 euros.

Evidence of language proficiency as part of admissions

Excellent skills in English are required for success in degree programmes provided in English. The applicants’ language proficiency is assessed in the entrance examination. For a more detailed description of the examination, see the admissions criteria for specific fields. When applying to a degree programme provided in English, the applicants need not submit evidence of language proficiency.

Applying through discretionary admission

Each university of applied sciences decides on discretionary admissions by programme. Anyone applying through discretionary admission is required to submit copies of the certificates that he or she wishes to use to the admissions office of each university of applied sciences to which he or she is applying by the deadline specified in advance. Discretion only concerns an applicant’s eligibility to apply.

In Vaasa UAS discretionary admission is used in the following degree programmes:

  • DP in International Business, BBA.
  • DP in Information Technology, B.Eng.

Selection between applicants with equal admission scores

In cases of equal admission scores, UAS applicants will be ranked on the following grounds:

1. points awarded for the entrance examination;

2. points awarded for school performance; (applicants with Finnish Matriculation Examination)

3. points awarded for work experience;

4. the preferred programme ranking on the application form.

The grounds applied to cases of equal admission scores vary by programme choice, depending on the selection methods used for the programme in question. If these criteria fail to produce a difference between tied applicants, a university of applied sciences may choose to admit all or none of the equally ranked applicants, or the applicants may be automatically ranked by lots drawn by a computer system.


An applicant not satisfied with the results of the student selection process should first contact the UAS Admission Services he/she has applied to. If the matter is not resolved, the student may appeal against the decision in writing to the executive board of the UAS in question. Such an appeal must be made within 14 days from the publication of the admission results.

  • Personal circumstances such as health condition (sickness/injury), difficult life situation, inability to attend entrance examination or misunderstanding are not considered to be a valid reasons for a successful appeal.
  • Late attachments will not be considered. Required documents and their delivery dates are mentioned in the admission criteria.
  • Appeal can only be successful if the applicant can clearly point out that the admission criteria has not been followed at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. Therefore appeal should be well-grounded.