Open Studies

Academic Schedules

In the timetable for academic year you find information concerning timing of work weeks and holidays.

In the academic year schedules within School of Business and School of Technology you find information concerning in which semester the studies are arranged. Also the weekly schedules are found there. Each group has its own schedule. To find the right schedule you need to know the group code. The academic year schedules for 2017-2018 will be published in the end of August.

NOTE: To be able to see the schedules you need a student-ID for Open Studies. If you are not a student at Open Studies yet, you can ask the planner of Open Studies about the schedules for the studies.

How to read the schedules:
Click the number of the week > Click the code of the group in question (e.g. T-IB-1-2). You can browse schedules via the arrows in the upper left-hand corner.

All studies that are conducted in English are day-time studies.

Group Codes:
Academic Schedules have been divided according to group codes as follows (included here only programs in English):

  • I-IT-n: Information Technology, n year
  • T-IB-n: International Business, n year

where n denotes the study year. For example I-IT-1 means Information technology – year one. Sometimes some letters are added (A, B etc.) which means that the group has been divided to several sub-groups.

More about group codes in the Study Handbook for Open Studies.