Open Studies

Enrollment and Terms of Cancelling

Enrollment to Open UAS Studies can be done using one of the following electronic forms:


Study Paths autumn 2017: Use this form if you want to enroll to Study Paths starting in September.

Other Open UAS studies: New students: Use this enrolment form if you wish to enroll to some selected single courses.

Unfinished degree studies: If you are a former degree student at VAMK and wish to complete studies that are missing from your degree, use this enrollment form to regsiter as Open UAS student.

Continuing students: Use this form to enroll to new courses if you already are a student of VAMK Open Studies. Please note: If you have chosen the single course fee as payment method, always remember to use this form when enrolling to new courses.


Enrollment times are as follows:

  • Studies that begin in the autumn: on Wednesday 9th August at 9.00 o'clock.
  • Studies that begin in the spring:
  • Summer studies:

During the summer holiday the forms are closed.

The enrollment is binding. It is not possible to enroll by telephone. The enrollment must be done to be able to attend the courses and it has to be done before the studies begin. The students are taken to courses mainly in enrollment order. As the tuition is integrated in degree groups there is a limited amount of places available on the courses. If the course in question has already started the teacher of the course decides if the student can still join the group. The student gets further information about studying (by e-mail) about one week before the studies begin.


The enrollment must be cancelled before the studies start. Cancelling must be done in writing (send e-mail to the planner of Open Studies). If enrollment is cancelled later than this, a full tuition fee will be charged. If a student drops out, paid fees will not be returned. Leaving the tuition fee unpaid does not mean cancelling the studies.

NOTE: So called non-stop courses can be cancelled free of charge before the student gets starting info. Starting info is sent one week after enrolment. After the starting info has been sent to the student, a full study fee is charged.