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Wolffintie Library Collections Available in Tritonia, TRIA Opens

Collections of the Wolffintie library unit are now available for loan in Tritonia. Both Vamk and Tritonia library cards can be used for borrowing. Newspapers can be read in Café Oskar in the entrance hall. Course books and overnight copies are also located on Tritonia's entrance floor (2nd floor). Technology collections and Vamk theses have been placed on the 3th floor. Social services collections can be found on the 4th floor. Staff at information desks will help with locating the materials. Tritonia's opening hours and more information is available at the website

TRIA Database Opens

The joint library catalogue for all institutions providing higher education in Vaasa, TRIA (, has been opened today on 23 November. As a result of the database merger, Tritonia's loan periods, delay charges and service fees are now in force (see and

Welcome to the new Tritonia!