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VAMK's new online magazine takes its readers from elements to space

Posted on 2020-11-03 13:55:02 EET.

The concisely named Energiaa publication makes Vaasa University of Applied Sciences' research, special expertise and business cooperation known.

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences' new online magazine Energiaa (energy) has been published today.

In the online magazine, VAMK's experts give insights about their fields to everyone interested. The first articles discuss, among other things, the future commercialization of the space industry, the hydrogen economy revolution and VAMK's various co-operation projects with companies and other working life.

- We want to make our work visible and tell everyone what we are doing. The staff has a real enthusiasm to share their expertise, research, development and innovation projects, pedagogical priorities and business cooperation. In this way, we also make VAMK's role as a social influencer visible, says Kati Komulainen, VAMK's Rector and CEO.

Energiaa is a channel for continuous publication, meaning articles are constantly updated. That is why the website is worth a checking every once in a while so that no interesting topics pass.

Project manager Petri Kananen from Valu, a product development house that provides the publishing platform, says that they also wanted to make Energiaa magazine as friendly as possible.

- Now you can easily share content from the page to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. The design has emphasized the clarity and liveliness of both the layout and the user experience, Kananen says.

Valu is known for its online publishing platforms, which it has previously done for Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Laurea University of Applied Sciences and Kirkko ja koti.

In three languages

Energiaa was actually chosen as the name of the publication for many reasons, Kati Komulainen says.

The name combines the idea of โ€‹โ€‹Vaasa as a city of energy expertise and energy as a continuous movement and moving forward.

The online publication is divided into five thematic areas: Humanity, Together, Future, Competence, Perspectives and Impact. The subject areas reflect the common values โ€‹โ€‹of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences.

- At the same time, the themes are a cross-section of our trainings and research topics, which our own experts write about, says Kati Komulainen.

The texts of the online publication are written in Finnish, Swedish or English, depending on the field and the author. It is well suited for Vaasa International University of Applied Sciences, which has students from more than 50 countries on campus.

Eva Sundell, marketing designer in charge of the publication, says that there have been a lot of article proposals since the first design meeting, and new ideas are coming all the time.

- In this way, staff can share knowledge and skills in the publication. The Energiaa publication gives VAMK a face.