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VAMK goes Vietnam

Posted on 2017-01-23 14:56:07 EET.

The amount of Vietnamese students have grown in VAMK during the last years and are now the biggest group of non-Finns at the University. In order to keep the high number of good Vietnamese students several marketing activities have been intiated.

- We are lucky to get hold of a pro-active, energetic and creative student Ms. Huong Ly Dang to start a VAMK Facebook-page in Vietnamese. The page have generated a big attention with a lot of followers and questions, tells Niklas Kallenberg, teacher of International Business -programme at VAMK.


VAMK Facebook-page in Vietnamese in address

An e-mail marketing campaign executed by Vietnamese student Ms. Quan Huynh has been made to the biggest high schools in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.  

- Several High Schools in Vietnam have also been visited by our students in order to give the VAMK presentation, Kallenberg says.

Presentation was done in three different classes in Amsterdam High School in Hanoi by Ms. Dao Thuy Hanh.

-Presentations went really well and the students were quite interested, says Dao.

VAMK suppporter_www.jpg

Quan Huynh and Huong Ly Dang have been a great help in VAMK marketing campaign in Vietnam.


Happy audience in the Physics class in Amsterdam High School in Hanoi. VAMK presenter Ms. Dao Thuy Hanh on the left.

Vietnam web page_www.jpg

VAMK marketing-page in Vietnamese in address:

Text: Niklas Kallenberg
Photos: Niklas Kallenberg and Ms. Dao Thuy Hanh