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VAMK goes Russian

Posted on 2017-01-09 12:40:22 EET.

Russia is one of the three countries where VAMK has started to promote its English speaking programmes actively via social media. Also International Business -students that went home over Christmas visited their former schools and gave a presentation about VAMK in their own language.

The presentation is made by Mai Nguyen, a former IB-student who has presentations as speciality and passion.

- I am totally amazed how many helpful and creative students with a everything-is-possible-kind-of-attitude we have, says Niklas Kallenberg, the teacher of IB-programme.

The next academic year all non-EU citizens have to pay a fee to study in Finland.

- VAMK has a more than generous scholarship: the fee is 4 000 euros and the possible scholarship is 5 000 euros. What is crucial, is to spread this news as effectively as possible, says Kallenberg.


Russia, China and Vietnam are the countries where VAMK has started to promote its English speaking programmes via social media in the home languages. Check VAMK homepage in Vk:

Marketing efforts in “Russian Facebook”

In charge of the Russian social media site that corresponds to Facebook – – are students Nataliia Eliakina and Leo Kuzmin.

- The language schools play an important role in recruitment. Language school is used in order to boost the English skills for those who want to study abroad since the level of English teaching can be improved a great deal in many schools in Russia, tells Leo Kuzmin.

iClass is a well known and good language school in St. Petersburg where IB-student Anastasia Shevtsova made a VAMK presentation in December. As supporting act from VAMK Leo Kuzmin, Nataliia Eliakina, Lina Zhou and Niklas Kallenberg partcipated the presentation via Skype.

- Next step is to cross market via different sites in, Kallenberg says.


The word of mouth is the most important tool for us, based on how our current students have found us, tells Niklas Kallenberg (on the left) with students Leo Kuzmin and Nataliia Eliakina.


Marketing event in language school iClass in St Petersburg: IB-student Anastasia Shevtsova (on the right) did the presentation.

Text and photos: Niklas Kallenberg