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VAMK goes China

Posted on 2017-01-27 11:29:47 EET.

China is one of the three countries where VAMK has intensified its marketing efforts.

- We have an enormous marketing resource: our amazing students, says Niklas Kallenberg, teacher of International Business -programme.

Four main marketing efforts have been started during the winter for China.

- We have made marketing pages in Chinese, Russian and Vietnamese together with the creative and energetic IT-student Apurva Ganoo, tells Kallenberg.

VAMK student Lina Zhou has created a VAMK Weibo page which is a micro blog site corresponding to Facebook. Also students who go back to their home countries have started to give VAMK presentations in their former schools.

www_China page.jpg

VAMK Weibo page.


VAMK Weibo page is created by Lina Zhou.

www_VAMK web page.jpg

VAMK marketing page in Chinese.

In addition to visits and digimarketing, former VAMK students have done short videos – telling about their time in VAMK in Finland in their own language and also in English.

- It has been an extremely interesting experience to develop different marketing ideas with the international students, says Kallenberg.

Many marketing methods are universal but needs to be modified to suit local cultures.

- We have a really good base now for the future, but of course we need to develop it continuously. Any ideas that you might have generally or for a specific country, please contact me, says Kallenberg.

www_VAMK presentation.jpg

- It seemed that all the students were really interested in studying in Vaasa, says Ms. Zhang Xiaochen who gave presentation in Xiya High School in Wu Han. 

www_VAMK presentation 2.jpg

- Audience was mainly University students that were interested in the double degree program, tells Ms. Yang Sijing who visited Hubei University of Technology.

Text: Niklas Kallenberg
Photos: Niklas Kallenberg, Satu Aaltonen and the students