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Student Union News, November 17

VAMOK'S student representatives for year 2005

Nominees for VAMOK's student representatives came out 20, and because the student representatives consist of 20 persons, there will be no election. The election committee had it's meeting on November 15th, and it confirmed the student representatives to be as follows: Alikoski Stiina, Brännkärr Sara, Hietamäki Kimmo, Jaskari Jorma, Koski Joni, Lammi Juha-Pekka, Lehto Anneli, Pesonen Tomi, Pikkarainen Hanna, Pöntinen Juha, Roiha Matti, Saario Joni, Salminen Kristian, Siuruainen Tero, Sorama Emilia, Suksi Pirkka, Suominen Sanni, Suominen Sini, Tirri Kimmo, Tuisku Heidi.

The student representative have it's organizing meeting on Tuesday 23rd of November at 17.30 o'clock at the unit of Technology and Communication in Palosaari in classroom A127. In the meeting will the president of student representatives, the president for the board and the members of the board be elected. It is also likely that the student representatives must be completed, so in case you are still interested in becoming a member of the student representatives, come to the meeting. Also, in case you are interested in becoming a member of the board, you must come to the meeting. Please notice, that the language used in the meetings of student representatives and board is finnish, so you must be able to deal with that in order to act in these organizations.

Duty at Raastuvankatu

Duty at Raastuvankatu unit is held on Mondays and Wednesdays between 10.30 and 12.00 o'clock for the rest of the year. Our office at Palosaari is open from Monday to Friday between 10 and 15 o'clock every day, and the telephone number to our office is 06 326 3140.

VAMOK has resigned from Students Sports Federation

Meeting of the student representatives on September 15th decided that VAMOK will ask for resignation from Students Sports federation. The union meeting held on 4th.-5th of November admitted the resignation.

The student representatives of VAMOK thought that the amount of membership fees is not reasonable compared to services received from the Sports Federation. The money now to be saved, will be used on VAMOK's own sport activity. Next year, there will be person in charge of sports in VAMOK's board, and he will work on making the sports supply better for VAMOK's members.

Time to apply for tutor is now running

New tutors for next year are now being looked for. Time is running until December 10th. The applying applications are found at VAMOK's office and duty at Raastuvankatu. If you want to know more, contact .

Please notice, that the education for tutors is held only in finnish, unfortunately we don.t have the resources to do it in english. So you should understand finnish in order to be able to become a tutor.

StandUp-night in El Gringo on Tuesday November 23

StandUp -nights are back, on Tuesday November 23rd in EL Gringo the stage is open from 21 o'clock forward. It will be pure amateur comic, and everyone willing to stand up can do so, the stage is open for everyone. There is no entrance fee, and the drinks from the tap are with student friendly Gringo's Tuesday price. So come and listen. More information:

VAMOK'S Pre-xmas party December 8

VAMOK's pre-xmas party is held on Wednesday December 8th in Fontana, and it will be party of three floors. More information comes out later.