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Student Union News, November 1

Election for student representatives November 23rd and 24th, you have time to announce yourself as a candidate until November 5th.

The student representatives is the cornerstone of VAMOK's activities. It chooses the board, supervises its actions, decides the membership fee for each year, accepts the plan of action and the budget. The student representatives are now being searched for the year 2005. The election is coming, and those who want to announce as a candidate for the student representatives, must do that before Friday 5th of November. The student representatives use finnish as their meetinglanguage, which means that you must speak finnish in order to participate the activities of student representatives.

HaalariHölkkä (Overalljogging)

On Thursday 4.11.2004 VAMOKs HaalariHölkkä 04 (OverallJogging) HaalariHölkkä starts at 16.00 from the marketplace in the centrum. Overallpatch = Ticket to the party at the evening.

- From the marketplace 3€/a piece
- From Goal I 2€/a piece
- From Goal II 1€/a piece
- From the door 4€/a piece
By sporting You save money. Goals will be informed from the starting place. HaalariHölkkä is not a competition so everyone can participate.

Do you want to buy overalls?

In case you missed the overall ordering earlier in the autumn but you still want to get your own overalls, it is possible starting from Monday 1st of November. You can buy overalls from VAMOK's office or duty with the price of 35 euros which is paid in cash. The overalls are kind of “old models" which means that the ads are a bit different from those of the new overalls. But otherwise they are unused and just as good as the new ones.

In case you want more patches on your overalls, please come and check the selection at VAMOK-Tuki bookstores.


Now you have an opportunity to try ultimate. Saturdays at 20.30-21.30 o'clock in Sporthall, Sepänkyläntie 14 and Sundays at 16.30-18.00 o'clock in Sportscentral, Ruutikellarintie 6.