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Student Union News, March 17

Enquiry of Students Wealth

VAMOK has done an enquiry of students wealth to all students in VAMK. You can find enquiry from address (select ?English? upper right). You have time to answer till 8th April. VAMOK hopes that as many as possible  answers to enquiry that the sampling is going to be comprehensive. Only by answering you can affect to an important thing!

Aerobic lessons cancelled until now

Aerobic lessons must be cancelled until now, because there is no instructor. In case you could act as the instructor or you know someone suiteble for it, contact the sports secretary Leena Saarvio 040 5525 019.

All the extra student benefits must be returned to KELA by the end of this month

Kela reminds you that the volontary return of Kela?s aids from year 2004 ends by the end of March. If the student doesn?t return the benefits in time the overpaid aid will be collected back with 15% intrest.

If the student?s earnings went over the yearlimit he can volontaryly return overpaid student and living fees. Final return day is 31.3.2005 More information from Kela or by contacting us.

Sits 23th March 2005

VAMOK arrange Sits on 23th March at 7:00pm at Fontana. Prices, participation rules and other information in address

Innerbandy for ladies needs more players

Ladies own innerbandy turn needs more players. If you are interested come on mondays to School of Onkilahti at 8:00pm. Please take your own stick with you.