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Student Union News in May

Students local politics programme

Vaasa's student organizations (VAMOK, VYY, PAGUS, SSHV, KAV and Justus) have together put together students local politics programme for 2005-2008 concerning this autumn's local elections. The programme was made during last year, and it was published this month. The programme will be given to all candidates in Vaasa.

The programme brings out issues that will assist students' attachment to Vaasa and thereby enhance growth of the city and development of the whole Vaasa region. The programme crystallizes in employment opportunities for students: in case a student doesn't have a job here in Vaasa, it doesn't matter good well the housing conditions and trafficsystem are; without a job the student barely want's to stay here. Other issues observed in the programme are housing, environment and public transportation, health and well-being, and free time.


Notice for VAMOKs members: In case you didn't receive the latest Nivaska to your home, or in case you have moved in to new address, make sure that we get to know the new address as well. Be aware that we don't get the information from the polytechnics Winha Wille -system, which means that you must change it separately for us. Send e-mail to and inform your current address. Nivaska comes out also in the summer!

Casing of diploma works

Casing of diploma works takes place in technology and communication unit's bookstore every day until the 7th of May. After that ypu can leave your work at the technology and communication unit's student affairs office for casing.

VAMOK's office has a summerholiday from the beginnig of May till the end of July.
We'll be back at work in the beginning of August. VAMOK wishes everyone a nice summer!