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Student Union News February 19, 2004

VAMOK's office is closed during the winter holiday on week 9.
We are open again starting from Monday 1st of March.

VAMOK's Duty on week 10
On week 10 VAMOK will be available at Business Economics and Tourism only on Wednesday 3rd of March. The time is same as usual, 11-12 o'clock.


VAMOK`s 9-Ball-Tournament
VAMOK organizes 9-ball-tournament on March 17:th in Coctail Bar Calle (next to Olympia block and across the street from buss station). More information will be put on the VAMOK notice board later on

The biggest student event of this year in Kemi, March 26-28, 2004
Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic Student union KETOAKKU arranges this years biggest student event WILDSNOW in Kemi between 26.-28. March. Wildsnow proudly presents for example Killer, Ripsipiirakka, 51 Koodia, and many top dj's... Make your own team and take part in snow volleyball tournament. Price only 50€. (Inc. train tickets, accommodation, party ticket and entry
to the Snowcastle.)
More information and tickets from; (paid latest 5.4.2004)
Marika / / 044-537 0582.
More information also from the website .