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Student Union News, August 30

VAMOK will be on duty on week 36 at Raastuvankatu unit from 10.0 to 12.00 in front of the janitors office. In future VAMOK will be on duty on the first floor hallway on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10.00 to 12.00.

The VAMOK Membership for School Year 2004-2005

It is time again to renew the validity of your student card, or get it if you don´t have one yet. A card with the sticker “ lukuvuosi 2003-2004" is valid until September 30th 2004. If you already have a card, membership for school year 2004-2005 costs 23 € and membership for fall 2004 (sticker valid until January 31st 2005) costs 12 €. Membership fee must be paid by credit transfer you can pick up a bill from the VAMOK office at Wolffintie or from the VAMOK  duty at Raastuvankatu. If you are about to get your first student card  you must pay an additional 10 € etrance fee (includes the handling charge for the card) that's 33 € in total for one year membership. Membership forms and bills are available at the VAMOK office and duty. If there are any problems with the membership please contact :

Students' Fitness Facilities

Information about students`fitness facilities will be found under address:

Student Aid

Non-citizens of Finland can get financial aid for studies in Finland if they live in Finland on a permanent basis for a purpose other than studying. This requires that they are registered as a permanent resident in the Finnish population register system. The purpose of residence in Finland is determined by reference to such matters as the residence permit, registration or acceptance to an educational institution. Applications for financial aid must be accompanied by the appendix form OT10 for foreign residents. If you come to Finland solely for the purpose of attending a school, you cannot get Finnish student financial aid.


The new students ceremony will be held on September 8th at 16.00 in Hietasaari. After party will be at Fontana Club in the form of a foam party from 22.00 to 04.00. Tickets cost 6 € in advance from the VAMOK office and from the VAMOK-TUKI ry bookstores (available from September 1st) 7 € from the door at the nigt of the party. Tutors will inform first years students about the event.