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Student Union News, 3 September, 2007

Vamok membership 2007-2008

New members should fill the application to join from VAMOK's office or from the duty at Wolffintie unit. A new card and the joining fee are 10€ and the membershipfee for the study year 2007-2008 is 25€. (35€ together)

If you are a old member and have a student card, You'll get the membershipbill (25€) from the VAMOK office at Raastvankatu, the duty at Wolffintie or by paying it to the VAMOK's account: 567008-2135257 with the reference number: 155256. Then when you show the receipt for the bill at the same place, you will get a valid stamp.

NOTICE! If the student do not pay the bill him/herself, the name of the student should be found at the notes form, not the reference number at all!

The 2007-2008 members will get a calendar, that can be collected from the office or the duty.

The sport timetables

The Autumn season will begin on week 36. Participation is free for students. Take your own gear and separate courtshoes with you. Everyplace has the showers and changing rooms. Welcome to move!
The timetables are found at:

The aerobic on Wednesdays are seeking a trainer, if you are interested please mail as soon as possible.

Parking at the units

At the Raastuvankatu unit, parking is not allowed at the parking behind the unit. That parking is only for employees of the unit. The parking is shared together with other schools in the same block.
At the Wollfintie unit parking is allowed behind the unit. Remember to have a parkingsticker!

Smoking at the units

Now there are smokingsheds at both units. Smoking is only allowed at theese areas.

Noice disturbance at the Raastuvankatu unit

There are repairs made in A214 that may cause disturbance and changes in timetables.

More info: