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Student Union News October 1, 2004

Poltetta Puntissa - exercise tour

Poltetta puntissa students exercise tour in Vaasa october 6th from 12 am to 4 pm.

The poltetta puntissa tour gathers the sudents of Vaasa to Botnia hall to try out new forms of exercise and sports. You can get to know the services of sports clubs and gyms. There is a free nonstop buss transportation to Botnia Hall. Firs buss leaves from the university at 11.30 am ( route: university kirkkopuistikko 10-neste (pikkolo)-botnia hall).

Renewing your membership

Study year sticker 2003/2004 is no longer valid. If you want a new sticker for your student card, please come to the VAMOK office or duty and get a new bill for membership. Membership for the entire year costs 23 €.

National training developing project

Polytechnics in Finland are currently developing their work placement practices (project lasts 2004-2006). The aim of the project is to develop the work placement system in all fields of study so that the work placement period will help students in their professional growth and employment after studies. When developing the work placement system it is very important to hear what the students' wishes and ideas for improvement are.

To find out the students' ideas concerning work placement we have designed a questionnaire to the web (see the link after this message). Please answer the questionnaire, no names are needed. We appreciate receiving your answer.

It takes 5-10 minutes to answer to the questions. The website closes on 29 October 2004, please answer before that date. Thank you for your time and consideration!

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