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Students discuss business

Posted on 2017-02-24 10:46:26 EET.

Being able to sell your product in English, on an international market, is one of the key skills of business people today. This skill was also the one that the first year Business Economics (Liiketalous) students at VAMK had a chance to develop and enhance during the annual Trade Fair event organized on Tuesday this week.


Students meet and discuss business at the annual International Trade Fair at VAMK.

The Trade Fair Event as well as the planning and preparation take place in their first English course. During the time of the project the students become young entrepreneurs, who in small groups launch their own mock companies and products.

-The students have a chance to use their creativity as to the products and company, but need to spend time and effort creating good sales material, refining their communication skills and carefully planning their sales pitches and trade fair communication, say Camilla Harald and Päivi Auranen, the groups’ English teachers.


Maria and Pia had a business idea of fresh, raw-material face scrubs.

Almost real

Also, in order to make the sales situations at the Trade Fair as authentic as possible, the international students of VAMK as well as Finnish students and staff are invited as customers, to ask questions, discuss products and agree on sales terms with the entrepreneurs.

The event was very vibrant; displayers were enthusiastically endorsing their products, customers were impressed and convinced and deals were closed – all in a positive and amicable environment.

- I have learnt so much only today, was one of the displayer’s comments.

- It was a great experience, I have realized that I really want to work in sales – and hopefully in an international environment!


Petteri and Anttoni found the Trade Fair an excellent way to improve their English skills.

Text: Päivi Auranen, Camilla Harald
Photos: Eliina Salmela