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New course feedback system SPARK introduced on Monday 26 October

Posted on 2020-10-23 13:03:41 EEST.

VAMK will adopt a new course feedback system SPARK, integrated into Peppi on Monday 26 October. At this stage, the final feedback of the course is taken into use, later we can also gather continuous feedback and interim feedback through the system.

Easy-to-use and flexible

The system is easy to use by both the students and the teachers because the questionnaires are automatized according to the course schedules and the open questionnaires are shown on the student’s and the teacher’s desktop on Peppi. The student can give feedback with a smart phone or with a computer.

The system encourages to be active and interactive

A new feature in the system is that having given feedback the students are able to see what the group’s opinion of the course is as a whole and can compare their replies to the group’s replies. The teacher, on the other hand, has a possibility give counter- feedback after the feedback period has ended.

The objective with introducing a new system is to activate the students to give feedback and make it easier. Giving feedback and assessing one’s own learning are part of skills development. It is valuable also for the teachers when they are improving the contents of their courses and teaching methods.