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Reboot training on soft skills at work for higher education job seekers piloting is delivered virtual due to cover-19 pandemic

Posted on 2020-05-04 09:19:48 EEST.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the Reboot pilot training, originally designed to be delivered as blended learning, is delivered virtual in spring 2020.The pilot involves unemployed and underemployed higher education graduates, as well as coaches and trainers, in Finland, Belgium, Greece and the United Kingdom.We want to thank all pilot training participants during these challenging times.


Piloting of the Reboot training programme will provide valuable information for finalising the Reboot training to eb delivered as independent online training and as blended learning.

The aim of the Reboot training is to develop the work-related soft skills of higher education graduates, and to provide graduates tools to recognise and manifest these skills to be used in job seeking and in planning career paths. Today soft skills are more important than ever, in both work life but also in personal life. This becomes even more evident during the times of crises. For example, a coronavirus pandemic contributes to the importance of insecurity and creativity in soft skills such as problem-solving skills.

The Reboot training consists of three skill modules, a module focusing on career flexibility and portfolio, and a skills self-testing. The training material will be freely available for anyone interested.

What is Reboot

‘Reboot - Rebooting, Re-rooting and Re-skilling Unemployed and Underemployed Higher Education Graduates for Work 4.0’ is a European project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission. The project aims to increase the employability potential of the unemployed and underemployed Higher Education graduates through free, online training material, focusing on soft and non-cognitive skills.

Project duration: September 2018 – August 2020

Partners: Finland (Vaasa University of Applied Sciences – VAMK / Project coordinator), Belgium (CONNEXX – Europe), UK (Inova Consultancy Ltd.), Greece (Militos Consulting SA)

Website: http://


For more information, please contact:

Finland (project coordinator) | Tanja Oraviita:




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