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High School Days brought over 1800 guests to the Palosaari campus

Posted on 2019-10-11 11:04:07 EEST.

The University of Vaasa and the Vaasa University of Applied Sciences VAMK hosted the High School Day for the 11th time on 10 October. This year over 1,900 high school students of Western Finland visited us.

Education programmes of University and VAMK are presented at a fair in Alere. High school students will also be given information about student life, city of Vaasa, accommodation and leisure time activities in our city.  The programme also includes mini lectures and possibility to visit Techobothnia. All visitors will have lunch in Campus restaurants Mathilda, Serveri and Alere.

The visits started from the main building of the university of Vaasa where the rectors and student hosts welcomed the guests to our campus.



Rectors Jari Kuusisto & Tauno Kekäle and student hosts Sini Tervo and Henrik Nuorala.



Our rector Tauno Kekäle arrived with style.

The high school made it easy get a complete picture all the different education opportunities the two institutions offer.


Kirsi Lehtola shows some of the future possibilities in nursing.

The high school students arrived in groups throughout the day. After seeing the speeches of the rectors and student hosts, the groups continued to Technobothnia and Alere. Technobothnia was brimming with laboratory demonstrations and teaching cases. The guests showed a lot of interest in technology as well.





All fields of technology studies had their demonstrations in Technobothnia.

Aleren torilta löytyivät VAMKin kaikkien alojen esittelyt. Kaikenlaista oli kysytty. Erityisesti nuoret olivat pohtineet, voiko opiskelemaan hakea, vaikka ei ole suorittanut pitkää matematiikkaa. Kyllä voi, kuului vastaus.

In the fair at Alere all the education programmes of the University and VAMK were present.







Text and images: Anssi Turunen