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Higher Education Institutes’ Digivision 2030 program has been launched

Posted on 2020-11-27 09:06:46 EET.

The Finnish higher education institutes have launched the Digivision 2030 program, which is a joint, agreement-based program for higher education institutes. The key objective of Digivision is to open up national learning data reserves for use by individuals and society, enabling the development of pedagogy and the renewal of higher education institutes.

At the core of the program are the four promises of Digivision 2030:

  1. MyData for learners
  2. Learner’s benefit at the centre of development
  3. Higher education institutes are open communities led with information
  4. Data for use by individuals and society.

The roots of the Digivision 2030 are in the Vision for Higher Education and Research in 2030 work of the Ministry of Education and Culture, which sparked Finnish higher education institutes to discuss common challenges and the best solutions to them. One of the challenges identified was digitalisation, which causes higher education to be undergoing a continuous upheaval.

In February 2020, all Finnish higher education institutes signed a letter of intent that commits to promoting Digivision and to drawing up a joint plan for the coming years. The highest decision-making in Digivision takes place at a general meeting formed by the heads of higher education institutes or their representatives, which in spring 2020 appointed a steering group to be responsible for the management of the program. The program manager and the program office are responsible for the operative actions of the program, under the guidance of the steering group. The following major steps for Digivision include the preparation of the Digivision Consortium Agreement and the steering model for the coming years, which will be promoted at the end of 2020.

The program office has started operating under the leadership of Program Director Hanna Nordlund. The first tasks of the program office are to launch the operational activities of the program, organise joint work with higher education institutes, and prepare Digivision 2030 road maps for the coming years. In addition, a key task is to ensure that various existing expert groups or groups formed during the Digivision program, as well as other key stakeholders, are involved in the planning and implementation of the program from the outset. 

The Digivision website, together with Arene and Unifi, provide regular information on the progress of the Digivision preparation.