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International Waste to Energy -Workshop at VAMK

Posted on 2017-02-23 11:06:38 EET.

International Waste to Energy -workshop was organized at VAMK for two intensive weeks in January, 2017. The workshop focused on learning by doing and helping students to apply knowledge learnt in lectures and company visits to real life problems.


Students and teachers visited Westenergy plant and Jepua Biogas plant.

Mechanical as well as Energy and Environmental engineering students from Finland, Germany, Ghana, Greece and Lithuania acted as an international project team. Their main task was to prepare a waste to energy project implementation plan throughout the value chain.

- It included collecting and pre-treating to cleaning and accelerating energy generation with a chosen waste to energy technology in a target country, tells one of the instructors, Adebayo Agbejule from VAMK.

The main topics included developing project team, consultants and advisors and the risk assessment.

- The implementation process, environmental impact studies and the reduction of GHGs (greenhouse gas emissions) in evaluating the profitability of the project also included in the studies, says Agbejule.

Beside Agbejule the other instructors for the workshop were Riitta Niemelä and Vesa-Matti Honkanen from VAMK, and Andrew Knox from the University College of Nordjylland from Denmark.

WWW_syksy2016_talvi2017 815.jpg

Products that people throw into waste to be burned at Westenergy.


Happy student group after the presentations of their innovative projects.

More information about the project:
Adebayo Agbejule,

Text: Adebayo Agbejule
Photos: Lotta Saarikoski