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Enrolment on Study Units through WinhaWille

Enrolment on Basic and Professional Study Units is done through WinhaWille beginning December 8, 2003. For accepted enrolment presence on the first lecture is required.

The afore-mentioned procedure brings changes to neither students within Health Care and Social Services nor Technology and Communication. The enrolment procedure is new for students within Business Economics and Tourism.

Instructions for Enrolment through WinhaWille

(Points 1-2 are specifically for students within Business Economics and Tourism)

  1. Have a good look at the schedules on the web and plan which courses you would like to take.
  2. If you wish to participate courses planned for other groups than yours, please  check that  the courses do not overlap.
  3. Log into the program. If you have forgotten the User name and Password, contact the Study Office.
  4. From the main menu click Enrol for Implementation.
  5. On page Enrolments only fill in Group.
    1. Within Business Economics and Tourism e.g. T-IB-1FT, R-HB-2T.
    2. Within Health Care and Social Services e.g. S-SA-1A
    3. Within Technology and Communication e.g. I-KT-1A
  6. Press Search and you will be displayed the courses planned for the group.
  7. Choose the courses you wan to enrol for by clicking the box, and press Confirm.