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Energetic IB-Marketing Team in Action!

Posted on 2018-01-31 15:38:02 EET.

This is how happy you look after marketed VAMK to 20 high schools. The marketing events took place in the high schools and consisted of a versatile and interesting 20-minute-long presentation given by three IB students.


The happy IB-Marketing Team.

Approximately 30 % of the Finnish students that started in IB-program in autumn 2017 came to VAMK and IB thanks to last year’s presentation in their high school, so we expect that it will have significant impact also this year.

- This is the third time we, Camilla Harald and Niklas Kallenberg, do this marketing project with second year IB students and it is really interesting to see the dedication, flexibility and presentation skills of our fantastic students.

Social Media Team Spreads the Good News

As of last year VAMK is present in an international way in social media. Weibo in China, Vk in Russia and a Facebook page in Vietnamese. The responsible ones this year for creating interesting and attractive posts are: Zhige Zhang, Thanh Mai Ly, Shichun Wang and Alena Kornykhina.


The Social Media Team.

Photo and text: Niklas Kallenberg