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Conference series on Embedded Systems introduced by Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu (VAMK), University of Applied Sciences, will continue September 29-30 in Belgium

4th International Workshop on embedded systems
is hosted by the Katholieke Hoeschool Kempen (KHK) on 29-30 September 2005 in Belgium.

The event is a result of a solid international co-operation between VAMK and its partners from the academic institutions as well as from the industry. The Information Technology Department of VAMK has been for years developing this important network together with its partners to share experiences and to learn from each other. The International Workshop on Embedded Systems started for the first time in 2002 at VAMK, Finland. The second conference took place in Kiel, Germany, in 2003. The third took place last year in Aveiro, Portugal.

Learning and sharing knowledge as well as building partnerships and networks are the main purpose for VAMK to organize this international workshop. Not to forget the offered possibilities to discover new development in the field through the interaction with the participating institutions and companies.

In this years event, the Information Technology Department of VAMK has put its best effort with KHK to produce an interesting agenda with more than 15 sessions addressing important emerging technologies in the IT field. In addition to sessions, many companies will strengthen the 4th international workshop on embedded systems by providing special presentations of their business activities and products.

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