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Powerpoint Presentations

Here you will find the powerpoint presentations (pdf) of the speakers grouped by event.

CLIL Main Seminar 18.3.2010

Plenary. New Winds in Language Education
Anne Kankaanranta

Experiences of CLIL at Different Levels in Education
Mikaela Björklund

The HAMK Implementation Model
Helena Parviainen

How can the Content Teacher and the Language Teacher Work Together Effectively?
Lotta Saarikoski and Eeva Rauto

The Challenge of Teaching and Studying in a Foreign Language
Heini-Marja Järvinen

Practical Pedagogicial Guidelines for the Subject Teacher in Foreign-Language-Medium Teaching
Heini-Marja Järvinen

CLILL Research Workshop 17.3.2010

Orientation: Doing Research in Language Education - CLILL  Related Aspects
Sauli Takala

On solid ground. Corpus-driven tasks and text awareness in content and language integrated  instruction
Maria Angela Ceruti

Students' Opinions on The Use of English in University Education
Hans Van de Velde

Relationship between Instructional Language and Content Learning
Erkan Arkin

"Do you speak European"?
Borka Richter

CBLT in Intercultural Ceramics Workshop for IT-Freshmen
Ritva Rapila

Survey on VAMK Content Teachers’ Experience of Foreign Language-Medium Teaching
Sanna-Liisa Koski

Content/Language integration project at Lahti UAS 2007-2009 – Results
Aria Kanerva

Empirical Validation of CLILL Approach in Engineering English Studies
Rima Jasnauskaite

VAMK CLILL Research Project and Proposal for Doing CLILL Research
Lotta Saarikoski and Eeva Rauto