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Registration and Practicalities


The Seminar is partly ESF funded and therefore there is no seminar fee.

We will however charge an administrative fee of 35€ (covering dinner & lunch). If you do not intend to participate in the dinner, lunch tickets (5€) can be purchased when you register to the seminar on Thursday morning.

For participants who will buy lunch ticket(s) at the registration desk: we appreciate if you have the exact sum of 5€'s ready.


Registration is closed.

Other Practicalities

For more detailed information on the seminar, please contact Dr. Eeva Rauto, who is in charge of the program of the seminar: eeva.rauto@puv.fi.

For practical issues such as accommodation and travelling etc. see our web pages: http://www.puv.fi/en/events/intdays2010/hoteltravel/ and http://www.puv.fi/en/events/intdays2010/travelinformation/

NB. The seminar is a continuation to a related seminar we arranged in 2007, see http://www.puv.fi/en/events/flmseminar2007/. This seminar received encouraging feedback and resulted in a publication. If you were with us then, please join us again!

If you wish to experience more of the Finnish spring-time, why not come already on 14/3 and participate in the Sunday social program of our International Days 2010.