Public Health Care

Profile of the Programme

Key Learning Outcomes

The objective of the Degree Programme in Nursing (specialisation in Health Care) is to give students the expert skills for nursing and health care duties and for developing nursing in a multi-professional community within primary or special health care. A public health nurse is an expert in nursing and particularly health care and health promotion. A vital task for a public health nurse is to encourage and activate people to maintain and improve their health. Health care work is founded on utilising scientific and empirical information and know-how of practical nursing.

Occupational Profiles

An expert in health care

  • organises various health promotion events and lessons concerning, for example, dieting, exercise, stopping smoking, parenting skills training, parenthood, sex education and relationship education
  • works, for example, at a health centre, private clinic, in the field of occupational health, in an educational establishment, research institute, social welfare institution or national public health institute
  • can act as an independent practitioner and produce, for example, home care services and nursing and housing services for the elderly and disabled