Mechanical and Production Engineering

Profile of the Programme

Length: 240 ECTS Cr, 4 years
Degree: Bachelor of Engineering
Language of the degree programme: Finnish, with one specialisation option (40 ECTS) in English
Person in charge of the degree programme: Lotta Saarikoski

This Degree Programme in Mechanical and Production Engineering has been developed and cultivated over a long period, particularly taking into account the needs of the industry in the Vaasa region. This strong field with an almost infinite range of varied challenges offers a competitive profession for both men and women, also in terms of salary. The degree provides a good basis also for postgraduate studies.

An education in mechanical and production engineering offers a versatile and interesting route to becoming an engineer. The contents of the studies have been planned so that they correspond to the needs of the industry in the Vaasa region. They focus on 3D machine and equipment design, computer-aided manufacture, robotics, the management of diverse industrial projects and industrial management. In our teaching, we utilise the software used in the industry in machine design, robotics, planning manufacturing techniques and managing business activities.

Our close cooperation with the region’s companies gives students opportunities for practical training placements and subjects for theses, and often also a job after graduation. Our cooperation agreement with local export companies offers students an entirely new kind of possibility to perform studies abroad in connection with the companies’ export projects.

Key Learning Outcomes

An expert in mechanical and production engineering

  • is persevering and flexible, has language skills and skills of negotiation and presentation

  • has data acquisition skills, is able to apply and combine their know-how of technology and other fields and has a financial mindset

  • follows new developments within the field, is able to apply new knowledge to continuously evolving production methods and take environmental values into account

  • can work in planning and design, research and development, research, production development and technical expert tasks, as a service engineer and in sales and marketing in Finnish and international industrial enterprises, in the public sector or as an entrepreneur

Occupational Profiles

Typical workplaces include, for example, export or local companies that manufacture machines and equipment, engineering workshops specialising in component manufacture or assembly, metal works, logistics companies and engineering offices.

Basic and Professional Studies

Basic and professional studies consist of different features, including: Analysing Machine Structure, Analysing Machine Manufacturing Techniques, Engineering and Manufacture of a Gearbox, Mechanisms and Their Control, Industrial Product Development Project, and Implementing a Product Development Project.

Professional Specialisation Studies

3D Machine and Equipment Design for the Energy Industry: You will learn to innovate, design and implement a machine or equipment system.  The applications are linked to the energy industry, but you are free to develop a machine or system according to your own interests.

International Project Management for the Energy Industry: You will combine your technology studies with project management and industrial management studies. You will learn about the automation and overall implementation of various machines and equipment projects, while simultaneously learning valuable skills in project management and operational development. The degree leads to the certified degree of an approved project manager.

Project studies: You will work on a real project for a company either in Finland or in an export project abroad. In addition to project work, you will study literature, make written assignments relating to a project and write study reports.

International Energy Technology and Management: This new cross-scientific module is taught completely in English and will give you a broader understanding of renewable energy technologies and their use and management.  You will learn about the different renewable energy systems and environmental demands and gain professional management skills for the energy industry. You will also have the possibility to perform part of your professional studies abroad.

Our modern laboratory in the Technobothnia Research Centre functions as an inspiring learning environment and also the place where many of your study projects will be realised.