Health Care

Profile of the Programme

Key Learning Outcomes

The objective of the Degree Programme in Nursing (specialisation in Nursing) is to give students the expert skills for nursing duties and for developing nursing in a multi-professional community within primary or special health care, working for a private company or a patient support or civic organisation. A nurse acts according to the ethical principles of their profession as an expert in their field. Their expertise is founded on their utilisation of their knowledge of nursing and other sciences. Working as a nurse and developing the profession require an understanding of this scientific information and the skills based on it, as well as the ability to apply them.

Occupational Profiles

An expert in nursing

  • works to help people in an ethical and fair way
  • in addition to theoretical knowledge and practical skills, has good interactive skills, the ability to endure stress and is responsible and careful
  • in multicultural situations, is able to communicate and take the customer’s background into account
  • adapts to changing situations and is committed and persevering in nursing relationships that may span several years
  • works in nursing, teaching, planning, project or expert tasks in hospitals and out-patient clinics, health centres, home care services, retirement homes, rehabilitation centres or various procedural units