Environmental Technology

Profile of the Programme

Length: 240 ECTS Cr, 4 years
Degree: Bachelor of Engineering
Language of the degree programme: Finnish
Person in charge of the degree programme: Riitta Niemelä

Key Learning Outcomes

The purpose of the Degree Programme in Environmental Technology is to provide future environmental engineers with the skills to create complex designs for ecologically sustainable land use, plan and implement environmental technologies for urban and industrial areas, maintain health and safety in the living and working environment and carry out environmental resources management tasks. Environmental technology is about monitoring, protecting, maintaining and improving the state of the environment.

Graduates from this degree programme have competence in the following fields:

  • Mathematics and natural sciences
  • Legislation
  • Environmental quality and safety
  • The community and economy
  • Environmental technical design
  • Sustainable land use

Occupational Profiles

An environmental engineer works in domestic and international consulting, planning, administrative, research, control, and research and development duties for industries, the public sector or as an entrepreneur.

The Degree Programme in Environmental Technology Offers Two Specialisation Options

Environmental Engineering: the main fields of Water Treatment, Waste Management, Energy and The Air.

Environmental Planning: the main fields of Spatial Data in Environmental Planning, Assessment of
Environmental lmpacts and Ecological Land Use.