Development and Leadership in Health Care and Social Services

Profile of the Programme

90 ECTS, Nurse / Public Health Nurse / Master of Social Services

Key Learning Outcomes

This Master's Degree Programme provides students with the skills that will enable them to meet the ever evolving competence demands of working life and gives them the possibility of postgraduate studies that lead to a degree via vocational studies. This degree results in competency equal to a Master's Degree gained at a conventional university or other institute of higher education.

Occupational Profiles

The Degree Programme in Development and Leadership in Health Care and Social Services will give you the skills to work in demanding practical, expert, development, supervisory and managerial duties for organisations within the field of health care and social welfare. This programme will boost your ability to utilise investigative and development methods, and provide you with the necessary skills to dynamically and innovatively meet the challenges of health care and social services in our society, as well as the needs for development and change arising in working life.

Duration of Studies

3 years while working. The educational methods used include network-based teaching, distance learning assignments and traditional contact teaching. Contact teaching takes place on two days a month on average. The studies begin at the beginning of September 2013.

Study places: 20

Study Content:

  • Advanced professional studies are designed to give you an opportunity to deepen your ability to apply the theories you have learned in practice, your analytical skills, project leadership skills, participation skills in research and development work, and social skills.

  • Free-choice studies

  • The objective of the Thesis is to improve your skills in applying research data and use the selected methods in analysing and solving the problems found in working life, as well as to demonstrate your ability to engage in independent, demanding expert tasks.