Construction Engineering

Profile of the Programme

60 ECTS Cr, Master of Engineering

Key Learning Outcomes

This Master’s Degree Programme provides students with the skills that will enable them to meet the ever evolving competence demands of working life and gives them the possibility of postgraduate studies that lead to a degree via vocational studies.The degree will give you the same eligibility for government positions as a Master’s Degree gained at a conventional university or other institute of higher education.Companies in the field of construction services need employees with a Master’s degree to enhance their ability to develop their technical and industrial management competence.

Occupational Profiles

A Master's degree in Construction gives you excellent prospects for work in demanding expert and managerial duties.This degree programme will provide you with skills to work in tasks involving project management, production, building management and planning.

Duration of Studies

2 years, completed as multimodal studies while working. The studies begin at the beginning of September 2013.They are implemented in cooperation with Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences.

In the first year, students will complete 30 ECTS credits worth of multimodal studies and choose to specialise either in Industrial Engineering or Structural Engineering within the field of Structural Engineering and Building Physics.Some of these studies will take place at the beginning of the second year.

Those specialising in Industrial Engineering will focus on building project management, business skills in the field of construction and construction contracting.

Those specialising in Structural Engineering will have Competence Class AA, the most demanding class for structural engineers, at the end of their studies.Teaching is centred on structural design as specified in the Eurocodes (timber, steel and concrete structures and structural physics).

In the second year, students will independently complete a thesis worth 30 ECTS credits as a workplace-specific development project, which they will begin already during their first year of studies, due to its scale.The project is related to the student’s own work tasks.

Optional units: Production Management (project business, schedule and resource management, production methods), Construction Contracting and Building Management, and Structural Engineering (structural physics, structural mechanics, steel and timber structures, concrete technology and concrete structures).