Business Know-how and Entrepreneurship

Profile of the Programme

90 ECTS, Master of Business Administration

Applications were accepted from 4th March to 3rd April at (next application 2015 earliest)

Key Learning Outcomes

This Master’s Degree Programme provides students with skills that will enable them to meet the ever evolving competence demands of working life and gives them the possibility of postgraduate studies that lead to a degree via vocational studies. This degree will give you the same eligibility for government positions as a Master’s Degree gained at a conventional university or other institute of higher education. The Vaasa, Seinäjoki and Centria Universities of Applied Sciences are cooperating to implement the Master’s Degree Programme in Business Know-How and Entrepreneurship.

Occupational Profiles

This qualification will equip you for the demanding expert and managerial duties of business life and the public sector. The studies include analyses of the targets for development at workplaces, as well as group assignments and essays on the field’s literature, which provide both theoretical and empirical material for developing your expertise.

Duration of Studies

3 years as multimodal studies while working. Contact teaching mainly on Saturdays from 9:00 to 16:00. The studies begin at the beginning of September 2013.

In the first year, the students of all three Universities of Applied Sciences perform together the 32 ECTS credits worth of advanced studies, which include business innovations and methodical growth, development and management.

The second year studies include the common study unit Research Methods for all three Universities, worth 3 ECTS credits. The other studies consist of courses designed to deepen your personal development of expertise (15 ECTS) and free-choice study units (10 ECTS). In Vaasa, the theme of the specialisation module is Service and Innovation Management.

In the third year, students will complete their development project, which relates to the duties of their specialisation. Because the project is quite extensive, it is generally started during the second year of study.

Study places: 15

For further information please contact: Maj-Lis Backman, Head of Degree Programme