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Open Kvarken

Friday 01. August 2008 - Wednesday 31. August 2011

The Open kvarken project is aimed at researching and developing new software as well as improving existing ones, all based on open source code. Furthermore the purpose is getting the private and public sector in the county of Ostrobothnia in Finland and Västerbotten in Sweden to start using open source licensed software. A permanent Open Source Resource Center will be established in the Kvarken-region.

The beneficiaries to the project are Finnish and Swedish companies and municipalities in the Kvarken-region. Others that will benefit from the project are tax payers, students and teachers in Ostrobothnia and Västerbotten.

The public sector in Finland will get an opportunity to learn from the development and implementations of open source that has already been done by the governmental institutions in Sweden.

The Open Kvarken project supports the Kvarken regions role as pioneers in the open source area and contributes with expert knowledge.

Organisation: Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu (koordinaattori), Uumajan yliopisto.
Funding: Interreg IV A -ohjelma Botnia-Atlantica, Pohjanmaan liitto, Länsstyrelsen Västerbotten, Örnsköldsvikenin kunta, Vaasanseuden kehitys ja Vaasan kaupunki.
Overall Budget: 1 719 800 eur

Contact Information:

Projektipäällikkö Rainer Lytz, puh. +358 40 841 2805, s-posti

Categories: information technology

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