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Mindful Managers

Friday 01. September 2017 - Monday 31. August 2020

Mindful Managers is a three-year project running between September 2017 and August 2020. The project coordinator is Inova Consultancy from United Kingdom.  The partners in the project are CARDET (Center for the Advancement of Research & Development in Educational Technology) from Cyprus, Obelisk  (advisory, training and event planning services) from Belgium and VAMK from Finland. The aim of the project is to develop skills and competences (via a training programme & game) to proactively and positively manage mental wellbeing and build resilience at work using a gamified e-learning tool.  The project provides open and innovative practices in a digital era by developing an innovative course in wellbeing aimed at Public Sector Managers so that they are able to develop habits for mental wellbeing at work and also develop healthy mindfulness habits in employees and teams of workers.

The key intellectual outputs (IOs) are

  • IO1 Framework Design Research and Report
  • IO2 Development of the 'Mindful Managers' training programme
  • IO3 Development of an e-learning game/App
  • IO4 Development and piloting of Reflection Rounds for Public Sector Managers
  • IO5 Development of the Guide: "Developing Mindful Managers”


The added value of project results to be developed at the EU level is that Mindful Managers will result in the following, including increasing staff knowledge of:

  • European contexts and experience in the field of mental health and wellbeing at work across Europe
  • VET and development experience in training methods for healthy workplace development and managerial training to develop mentally healthy workplaces
  • Development of contextually appropriate Coaching, NLP and Clinical Hypnosis methods and tools for Public Sector Managers.

Outcomes for the '5 a Day Habits for Wellbeing at Work Training Toolkit for Mindful Managers':

Participants (Public Sector Managers) will better understand their own and others' behavioural responses in stressful situations at work, understand how to identify potential triggers to stress and anxiety at work in themselves and others, better understand how to be proactive and positive in their approach to mental health and wellbeing at work for themselves and others. Participants will also be trained and reflect on coaching and mentoring techniques to be able to use with their colleagues/team members to support them to be able to spot stress and mental health issues and how to broach these subjects of wellbeing at work which are often difficult for Public Sector Managers to raise. 

Through the use of the Mindful Managers e-learning game (via website) and app, learners’ access to lifelong learning will broaden and learners will be exposed to digital learning methods not encountered previously. Certification will be provided to learners by the host partner delivering training to contribute to the Continuing Professional Development.


Organisation: Päätoteuttaja: Inova Consultancy (UK), osatoteuttajat: VAMK, Obelisk (BE), Cardet (CY)
Funding: Erasmus + (KA2 Strategic partnerships)
Overall Budget: 259 962 € (hankkeen kokonaisrahoitus)

Contact Information:


VAMKin yhteyshenkilöt:

Ulla Isosaari, puh. +358 207 663 343

Sanna Saikkonen, puh. +358 207 663 303

Suvi Kallio, puh. +358 207 663 536



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