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Internet Based Training Programmes for E-learning: Building and Industrial Automation incl. Wireless Technologies

Saturday 01. December 2001 - Saturday 31. May 2003

The project produces a professional development web site for e-learning on wireless technologies and automation. The target group is professionals in communication engineering, and building and industrial automation.
The training material will consist of four modules:
1. general introduction to wireless automation
2. wireless technologies basics
3. building automation basics
4. industrial automation basics

Organisation: Contractor: Klinkmann Lat (Latvia), Partners: Vaasa Polytechnic (Finland), Rockwell Automation (Denmark), Legrand (France), Kauno Technologijos Universitetas (Lithuania), Rigas Tehniska Universitate (Latvia).
Funding: Leonardo da Vinci (EU educational programme).
Overall Budget: 258 000 €

Contact Information:

Principal Lecturer Juha Nieminen, tel. +358 207 663 395, e-mail:,
Project Coordinator Riitta Niemelä, tel. +358 207 663 392, e-mail:

Categories: information technology

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